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Services since 1909

Today, we offer modern & traditional machine work for custom applications. We have 3D CAD and reverse engineering capabilities, while offering machining operations such as spline cutting, milling, turning, grinding, threading, boring, bearing installation, and more. Please contact us today for a quotation on your unique components at (248)797-8781 or email our machining department at


Harry A. Miller Mfg. Co. circa 1914 Los Angeles, CA

20200923_132801 (1).jpg

With CNC milling capabilities, we provide billet machining for the following materials: aluminum, bronze, brass, and annealed steel. From drawing-to-part, we offer one-off prototype machining as well as batch runs of up to 50 parts. Please contact our machining department for inquiries and lead time estimates at (248)797-8781

One-Off Machining

Harry A. Miller®
Racing Equipment

We provide original equipment (OE) utilized by Harry A. Miller from his racing technology from the late 1910's to the 1940's. We provide official Harry Miller parts and assemblies such as: supercharger assemblies, Miller transmission assemblies,

 engine mounts, flathead ford V8 exhaust manifolds, carburetors, water pumps, oil sumps, fuel pumps, and much more.

We also offer full replacement engines built to-print, just as Harry Miller, Leo Goossen, and Fred Offenhauser did. Look through our catalog in our online 'Shop' here to find what's currently in-stock, or contact us at (248)797-8781 to source your hard-to-find Miller parts.  

We offer engine machining services for antique and modern engines. Our full machine shop includes the following services: Cylinder Boring, Cylinder Honing, Line Boring, Line Honing, Crate Miller V16 Engines, Decking, Hot Tank Cleaning, Assembly, Oil Line Plumbing, Engine break-in, Tuning and more. 

Engine Machining

Replacement Parts

Through 3D scanning and 3D printing, we offer model designing and genuine part duplications for hard to repair, hard to replace antique racing and road car components. We can take the broken physical part, reverse engineer it, model it, 3D print it, and send the model through our lost-wax casting process to create a replacement casting that attains as much detail as jewelry (for those irreplaceable casting numbers or logos for authentic replacements). 

Collet Adapter Set.jpg

Small production of steel adapter fixtures

Original Miller 220 Engine

An original Miller 16-valve 220ci Four Cylinder Engine, FD config.


Mock-up assembly of the Miller-Burden 303ci Supercharged Engine


Newly manufactured replacement 1937 Delahaye Type 135 Intake Manifolds

  • Billet Part Quantities 1-50 

  • Available Billet Mill Stock - Brass / Bronze / Aluminum / Steel / Titanium / Iron / Composite / Wood / Foam

  • 3-Axis CNC Vertical Milling

  • Lathe Turning

  • Horizontal Milling

  • External Splines

  • Internal Keyways/Broaching

  • Outer Diameter Grinding

  • Original Harry A. Miller® Parts

  • In-House Design (CAD) and Reverse Engineering Services

  • 3D Printed Investment Patterns

  • Replacement Castings - Bronze / Iron / Aluminum

  • Engine Machining

    • Cylinder Bore & Hone​

    • Line Boring

    • Valve Seat Lapping

    • Decking​

Manufacturing Services Offered

Please contact for inquiries and questions regarding our manufacturing processes

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