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Official Aluminum Harry A. Miller® 1930's Engine Tag Magnet

Aluminum and Enamel Construction

Utilized on all Harry A. Miller® Engines starting in 1930. 

This includes the 183 Four Cylinders, the 303 V16's, 308 V8's, 200/220/255 Four Cylinders, and many more.  


Shipping Policy

All orders shipped within two weeks of order confirmation.  Continental U.S. shipping provided by UPS, FedEX, or USPS. International shipping provided by DHL. Please allow for an additional 7-10 days for international shipping. 


Return Policy

All returns are excepted within 6 weeks of delivery confirmation. In order for eligibility, all goods are required to be shipped back to the items return address, with the following conditions met:

  1. Item possess original tagging/protective film
  2. Item is unwashed, and exhibits original condition when recieved


Items returned without the previous conditions met will be subject to partial refunds or recieve in-shop vouchers for the amount purchased. 


All product questions and details can be directed to our Product Manager, Wesley Linn, at Please allow for 1-2 business days for replies. 

Official Harry A. Miller® Aluminum Engine Tag Magnet

SKU: 19320010
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