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Harry's New Home

In June of 2016, Harry A. Miller INC became re-established after the business had been closed up since 1935, last ran by the Schofield. 80 years later, we aim to continue where Harry left off. With the development of continuation Millers, and restoration of Miller's prestigious work, we welcome you to follow along with us on this journey --

Follow us along our journey of restoring this Historic brand via our Instagram page, Facebook page, and our soon coming YouTube page. There you can check out our current projects restoring, repairing, and rebuilding historic Millers and Offenhausers alike.


Miller Shop Tees

Due to overwhelming demand, we're now offering our official Shop Tees for the public! Support the legacy and pick up the very same shirt our Machinists, Builders, and Craftsmen adorn in the shop every day. 



Miller-Ford Exhaust Manifolds

Coming to our Harry A. Miller INC product lineup is the famous Miller-Ford Flathead V8 Exhaust Manifolds, made famous in hot-rodding culture by their appearence on the 1935 Miller-Fords at the Indy 500. 


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