Here at Harry A. Miller, LLC we hold over 40 years of experience with top quality restorations. Our commitment to quality is our top priority. Specializing in Miller's own creations for the track and the road, but also providing restoration for boats with Miller's technology and other race cars from around the world.  


Straight from the minds of Harry A. Miller, Leo Goossen, & Fred Offenhauser, we have access to thousands of original part schematics from the original 1920s-1930s Harry A. Miller, Inc. We offer brand new precision parts that benefit from modern manufacturing and modern metallurgy, providing superior performance and appearance. 



We have the experience and know-how to properly rebuild and restore any of the great vintage automobile that walks through our doors. Through research, proper sourcing, or our own manufacturing capabilities, we provide the correct equipment necessary to make any upscale restoration or maintenance correct. 



We're not just craftsmen, engine builders and engineers, but we're also avid historians. Amidst our growing business, we're making special accommodations to preserve Miller's original hand-drawn schematics and drawings from the early 1920s Los Angeles business. Along with these are the original casting patterns used to create some of the most successful racing equipment (land, air, and sea) from the 1920s.